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Founder - Managing Director - Project Leader


I am a specialist for complex projects and changes and have been running my own company, OMEGA IT-Consulting in Duernten, Zurich, for 26 years. I work primarily at the interface between business and IT and manage projects and programs for my clients, from strategy to digitalization. I focus on a systemic, holistic approach and can thus lead organizations effectively, efficiently and reliably to the desired result.


Consulting focus, Expertice

Advise & Coach | Implement & Control | Assess & Improve – comprehensive, goal-oriented, structured, reliable

  • Project and program management in international and regional environments on both technical and organizational and strategic topics
  • Business engineering at the interface between business and IT, from strategy to digitalization
  • IT service management, ITSM service portfolio and process development
  • Application and integration of classic, agile and hybrid solution approaches


Relevant professional experience, degrees and training

  • > 30 years of project and program management with internationally distributed and local teams
  • > 30 years business engineering, IT service management and process engineering
  • > 10 years of agile solutions (Lean, Kanban, Scrum, SAFe), Scrum Master, introduction of agile mindsets and SAFe in a large IT organization
  • > 15 years in the financial industry (banks: IT application development, IT infrastructure, credit cards; reinsurance: SOX 404)
  • > 15 years in the chemical industry (pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, IT)
  • > 3 years in the public sector (cantonal police, taxation, city administration)
  • Studies ‘Leading and managing complex IT projects’ an University of Zurich
  • National Diploma as Business IT Specialist
  • Certification in SAFe 6 SPC, ITIL, Auditor/Assessor, PQFORCE Consulting Partner
  • Trainings in project leadership and project management (PMI, IPMA, Hermes, Jenni), IT service management (ITIL, VeriSM, SIAM), requirements engineering, risk management, change management (Prosci), Leadership (Mastering Leadership), Moderation (Dynamic Facilitation), and more


Why do I have my own business?

I run my own company because it gives me the opportunity to provide my customers with exactly what will help them advance and to always design it in the form that best suits the customer's environment and project. It supports my claim to provide my services with very high quality and reliability. It gives me the opportunity to work with a wide range of experts and leaders from different industries and areas, to exchange ideas and to continually learn from them. It allows me to make quick decisions and act flexibly. And it gives me the freedom to devote myself to other interests between assignments so that I can then fully engage in my customer projects and get the best out of them.


OMEGA IT-Consulting - Changes are my passion!

History - 27 years OMEGA IT-Consulting

In 1997 I've started my own business with Roth Informatik. In 1998 the company OMEGA IT-Consulting emerged from this. It is based in Duernten near Zurich since 2002 and I run the business as the managing director. We started with the management of technical IT projects, then supplemented these with organizational aspects in processes, services and structures and today we cover the entire breadth from strategy to technical implementation. We deliberately remained a small company in order to focus on our customers and to support them personally and comprehensively. We support well-known companies in important customer projects, had insight into numerous organizations, and were able to continuously refine, update and expand our craft.

We therefore have a broad knowledge and many years of diverse experience, which we can use effectively and purposefully in new projects. In addition, we are closely networked with various specialists and partner companies.

Methods, models & techniques

You do not need to invent the wheel again. Appropriate methods, techniques and models support the predictability of an undertaking significantly. I am not an advocate or missionary of a particular approach, but rather combine things depending on the situation and try to use the best methods or techniques in each case. These depend on the company’s business area and the current problem. My own business model is based on three pillars, which complement each other perfectly:

  1. The professional implementation of changes within the framework of programs and projects
  2. The content design of strategies, organizations, services, processes, digitalization and IT
  3. The technical knowledge of the problem

In projects, I differentiate between project leadership, project management and project execution (project content). This applies to projects, programs and portfolios.

Often good approaches already exist in a company and can be used. Otherwise, I supplement and adapt existing, proven methods and models.

OMEGA IT-Consulting - Generating effective solutions with the best knowledge!

Side changes

Also, outside of my business I implement new challenges with passion. Two examples are:

  • Conversion of a cargo van into a modern 4x4 campervan incl. interior design, specification, installation of a roof window and a roof ventilator, build with multi-layer full insulation, cladding, furniture, water and electrical installation, heating, etc. (see article).
  • Development and implementation of a unique offroad camper with a innovative camper cabin made from GFK/Carbon with kitchen extension and electrical, fully insulated pop-up roof on a 4wd pickup truck, incl. design and specification of the cabin and complete interior build.

With this challenge I combine my skills in projects with my passion for travelling and exploring. The two projects were carried out independently and with the involvement of local specialists and the camper community.

Management practices like strategy, innovation, project management, requirements engineering, product development, quality management, delivery and contract management, prototyping, testing and approval could be applied.

But despite of all knowledge, such a exotic endeavor requires not only a brilliant idea but also the will to build something special, courage to get out of the comfort zone, willingness to learn in completely new technical areas and markets, creativity and endurance, the openness to meet external people and a great team on which you can rely also in difficult times.

Meanwhile, we also use the vehicle as a mobile office when visiting customers, which is a very efficient and flexible alternative. For more information please visit our website

OMEGA IT-Consulting - Projects are my passion!

I am happy to support you in your projects. Describe me your needs in a first discussion without any obligations. I listen carefully and show you potential approaches or different scenarios and how I can support you. I look forward to getting in touch with you!

Peter Roth

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