Introduce a neutral, external point of view!

30 years of experience in over 100 projects at numerous companies, curiosity, openness and ongoing training give me the opportunity to actively support you comprehensively and competently in your endeavor.

Changes are my business, projects are my competence.

Advise and accompany

You have an idea, but you are not sure on how to do it? Or you have a concrete strategy or concept, and you want to implement it now? Or you have an important undertaking in your mind and want to get an external sight on it before you start?

On the basis of my longtime experience, I am in the position to support you effectively. I show you based on methods, models, best practices, and concrete examples I have done how a possible, appropriate approach can look like. This can be either an agile or a sequential approach, whatever fits best. And I actively support you in setting up and planning, but also in the evaluation, implementation and integration of suitable tools.

Building up a project organization

You lack the overview in projects and cannot control them actively and effectively. Every project is different, delivers different key figures and struggles with difficulties. Information is not available in real time and there is a lack of transparency in the projects. Accordingly, communication and coordination in and between the projects and the departments involved is difficult.

I will actively support you in the introduction of company-wide project management including project portfolio management, help you to select and use suitable methods, models and tools, and give you comprehensive advice on organizational and technical integration.

Agile transformation

Agility in companies is decisive for competition. Customer centricity with faster time-to-market, better quality, higher productivity and greater employee commitment are required.

As a certified and experienced SAFe 6 SPC, I would be happy to support you in the transformation to an agile organization, show you the possibilities of a dual organization and guide you through the SAFe implementation roadmap.


Implementation of the strategy with portfolios

Is there a gap between strategy and execution? Or do you have a new strategy and need support to implement it effectively?

I would be happy to advise you on building an adaptive, transparent project portfolio with budget and resource allocation and implementation in classic, agile and hybrid projects.

Projekt Management Office

Do you need structure and transparency in the project? A comprehensive integration of the project into the existing environment? Clean, comprehensible planning and cost clarity? Transparency about problems and risks, but also about successes and opportunities?

I will actively support you in setting up an effective project organization and/or a project management office. I advise you on the introduction, improvement and application of project management methods and the implementation of an efficient PM tool.

Project, portfolio, and resource management tool

Do you struggle with numerous, different project plans and countless Excel spreadsheets, show the project status in PowerPoint and are annoyed by outdated, inconsistent and incomplete project information?

I am a certified implementation partner for PQFORCE, a modern, innovative platform for resource, project and portfolio management. I am happy to support your adaption and your organizational and technical integration of the tool into your organization. More about PQFORCE can be found on
Do you prefer an other tool? Here as well, I am happy to support you in the professional execution of the systematic tool evaluation.

I am happy to support you in your projects. Describe me your needs in a first discussion without any obligations. I listen carefully and show you potential approaches or different scenarios and how I can support you. I look forward to getting in touch with you!

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