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Mission accomplished!


A good year ago we bought a new, completely empty van and converted it into a modern campervan in about 1000 hours of work and a lot of patience and perseverance. This is the result of my time off for the company's 25th anniversary.

By Peter Roth, August 29, 2023



The campervan is suitable for 3 people to sit and sleep, for off-road thanks to all-wheel drive, large tires and increased ground clearance. Thanks to solar power it is electrically completely self-sufficient, gas-free and suitable for all seasons. We cook with induction, wash and shower with hot and cold water, can count on effective heating, and enjoy coffee from the coffee machine and fine dishes and drinks from the large fridge with freezer compartment. Depending on the activity, we also fill the storage space with three bikes and bike, hiking, outdoor and climbing equipment.


In the meantime, we have tested the vehicle on trips and made minor improvements. Individual points are still open, new ideas have already emerged, such a project is never finished! But we are extremely happy with the result, feel very free, and very proud of what we have achieved.


A lot of people we meet along the way say that they wish they could do something like that, but would never trust themselves. Although I didn't learn a trade, my experience and knowledge as a project manager gave me the certainty that I would also be able to successfully implement this project. With the support of subject matter experts for electricity production, conversion and storage, aluminum welding of the furniture frames and CNC milling of the kitchen top, I was able to build an entire tiny house on wheels. Of course there were also problems and crises, for example when something wasn't delivered for months or I sawed up a self-made part again the third time. But that is part of it and was to be expected in principle. In addition to time and the necessary small change, what is needed above all is a clear goal, an adaptable plan, openness, curiosity, willingness to learn, perseverance and diligence, an understanding environment and small, concrete interim successes - just like in any business project...

And by the way…

Our travel vehicle is also a mobile office. Comfortable, adjustable swivel seats, a table that can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, sufficient 230 volt and 12 volt connections, dimmable LED lighting, cup holders and blackout panels to reduce reflections allow me to work efficiently - regardless of time and place.

I am happy to support you in your projects. Describe me your needs in a first discussion without any obligations. I listen carefully and show you potential approaches or different scenarios and how I can support you. I am looking forward to getting in touch with you!

Peter Roth

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