Introducing a change

You plan or you are already in an important change undertaking or you have a complex project?
We will give you an adequate structure and create transparency that allows you to control the change in a goal-oriented way. We take over competently an active Role or accompany you purposefully in the background.

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Projects in trouble

A project has a massive problem, consumes more and more resources, time, and budget, and does not deliver as required? Or maybe you started a project that becomes larger and more complex and you do not have the skills and resources to manage it?
Based on our longtime experience and our wide knowledge and depending on your needs we can offer you a project review with proposals for improvements, a project (manager) coaching, support in a project e.g. by running over the PMO, or we take over the leadership of the project.

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Increasing the service orientation

Do you want with your organization to get closer to your customer and become better by less cost?
We are glad to support you in creating a service management strategy (e.g. using VeriSMTM), an implementation plan, and the definition of the required processes (e.g. applying ITIL®), responsibilities and roles, and the underlying IT systems and data. This will go in parallel with the adoption of the company culture and the behavior of the employees.

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Redesigning the organization

Due to strategic or operational changes it makes sense for you to adjust the purpose, the responsibilities, and the budgets?
We help you by the design and implementation of a reorganization in close cooperation with internal HR, Communication and Finance teams. Your employees will have adequate and on time information that helps to understand why we change and how we change and to give them the chance to be integrated and to provide feedback.

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Optimizing the processes

The efficiency and the effectiveness of processes need to be improved, processes optimized and integrated well?
We could create for you a process map to get an overview, we could conduct a process assessment to identify room for improvement or we could take over the lead of a process improvement project with a certain IT portion.

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Implementing the strategy

Due to the changing environment your company or your organization need to review and adjust the strategy and you want to implement it in a focused and effective way? Potentially agility of the organization is a core topic und you want to stimulate innovation and to promote the change of the digital society?
We are able to help you in designing the new strategy, the creation and realization of a systematic approach and implementation plan which is aligned with your organization. We are happy to lead, manage or support a required transformation project with the integration of the stakeholders, management, and employees.

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We are happy to support you in your projects. Describe us your needs in a first discussion without any obligations. We listen carefully and show you potential approaches or different scenarios and how we can support you. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

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