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Here I publish articles from our project work for certain topics and questions which do not have a clear answer or a solution but where long experience and a comprehensive view bring a meaningful proposal.

Experience as a success factor for complex projects

Work and life experience is a very important topic with huge potential. In my opinion, it is used far too little and too little consciously. That's why I think it's worth giving it some thought. So here are 10 exciting questions and possible answers on the subject of experience.

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5 critical Success Factors for a Project

There are countless methods and techniques on how a project should be handled. But what are the most important success factors that make every project successful? From my 30 years of project experience, these are the points below that should always be taken into account.

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Good Planning is ...

Planning is a very important, but also difficult activity in projects and other projects that many people find difficult. That's why I don't want to repeat the theory here, but rather try to show practical aspects of good planning in a short series.

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Why experienced project managers are usually cheaper in the end

Cost sensitivity in tenders is understandable and sensible. Therefore, when tendering, an external project manager with a lower hourly or daily rate is often preferred in order to supposedly keep the overall project costs low. The following analysis shows that this can be a fallacy.

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Mission accomplished!

This is the result of my time off for the company's 25th anniversary.

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Update your existing Knowledge

How old is your smartphone? Less than a year or older? And how old is your knowledge?

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Project management is not the same as a waterfall!

I keep hearing that project management (PM) is equated with the waterfall approach. That's kind of outdated.

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Expertise in projects

Knowledge and experience are elementary requirements for the successful management of a project. We also agree that attending a project management course, perhaps with a final certificate, does not make anyone a project expert. Nevertheless, numerous project managers have not attended more than one course, have little experience in projects and have to be responsible for a larger, complex project. Shouldn't the requirements on the project manager increase with the requirements on the project?
But what exactly does expertise in projects involve? In the slide set my proposal.

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With SAFe no projects anymore?

With the certification as SAFe Program Consultant SPC the question came up whether I will not run any projects anymore.

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The three most important questions for the successful implementation of changes

Does your management team have a great idea, a new strategy, an expansion of your services or want to go one step ahead in the digitization of your department? Here the three most important questions you should answer before you start a major change.

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Why do we need a portfolio?

All companies work with an incredible amount of data, which is constantly being added, maintained, linked, updated, changed, archived and deleted. But only a few organizations have effective topic-specific portfolios, e.g. for projects or services. A portfolio is such an important management tool that provides overview and transparency. It shows the current situation and is the basis for planned changes. Only those who know what is going on can act efficiently and effectively, not only for managers but also for leaders.

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(In)transparency in projects

As an external project specialist, customers ask me to support when something is already wrong in a project or program. More and more serious problems appear out of nowhere and nobody knows what the cause is. Measures taken do not have the desired effect. Time is running, costs are exploding. There is a lack of transparency in the project.

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Do projects fit into leadership with infinite mindset?

Leadership requires vision and purpose, and indefinite mindsets. This is basically the opposite of a project which has a pre-set start and end by definition. How does this match together?

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Project management as a core competence in your company?

Although very many companies work in project mode, they are not aware of it. Systematic project and portfolio management are neglected, which leads to a noticeable competitive disadvantage.

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Why do methods increase a project's chances of success?

Projects are unique by definition. In a project, a project team solves or develops something that has never been done before. Something in the future, and who knows what the future will bring. These are factors that tend not to promote the success of the project. Actually, the project management would have to have a crystal ball to see the future in advance.

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Dynamic Facilitation - Moderation method for difficult and confused situations

Do you know that? Your project team should look for a solution to different requirements. There are several options, but none of the team's choices. A stalemate arises. Frustration and de-motivation show, even interpersonal conflicts arise, the project comes to a standstill.

In the last few months I have dealt intensively with a moderation method for difficult and confused situations, which is new to me. I have to say that I am enthusiastic, also because the method fits very well into my own systemic approach and complements it perfectly.

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The Tool Question in Project Management

An effective, efficient project management tool contributes significantly to the success of a project. The evaluation, the setting up and the introduction are anything but trivial.

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Project management essence

What is project management actually all about?

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Modern Project Leadership

Like general leadership, project management is constantly changing, evolving and adapting to the current requirements of society. But how does modern project management looks like?

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Why is communication so important?

Communication in and about the project is crucial. It's all about people, teams, and organisations.

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Confusion about Project Management in agile Environments

Do you still need project management? Is a Scrum Master the new project manager? Or how do I integrate agility into a project?

Project management has established itself as an effective method in complex projects. However, this is now being called into question as organizations move towards greater agility.

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Transparency in projects

There are many success factors in projects, but there is little mention of full transparency in projects as an important factor. This in the sense of clarity and traceability.

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Act more effectively on problems with an portfolio of methods

Larger companies tend to standardize their method selection. Methods are evaluated by a central office, adapted to the company and trained by employees.

But it would be more effective to offer a method portfolio that provides a conscious selection of methods, models and techniques in order to adequately and effectively solve problems and development solutions.

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The Risk with the Implementation of Risk Management

Changes like digitization, agile, automation, big data, etc. brings so many opportunities and possibilities. But it also holds massive dangers. Often we even have to consciously take risks in order to realize innovation and profit. Unfortunately the implemented risk management is not as effective as required.

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Is your Transition to an agile Organization in trouble?

Many companies are in the process of making their organizations more agile and have started transition projects with great ambitions. However, some stall or fail in the implementation. This article shows the necessity of agile organizations, reasons for obstacles in the implementation from experience and some pragmatic suggestions for improvement.

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A Systemic Approach

"The grass does not grow faster by pulling on it"

[African proverb]

The systemic approach - why it works and how to deal with it. And what that has to do with the current corona pandemic.

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How to manage Budget and Contracts for agile Projects?

In a customer project we make the decision for a out-of-the-box solution and plan to implement it with an agile approach. But how shall we handle budget and contracts for the implementation?

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Changing Sides

When you are working in the same area already for such a long time like me, it is important to leave the well-known environment from time to time and to become active in unknown fields to broaden your horizon.

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