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Why is communication in a project so important?


Presentations, status reports, meetings, documents, websites, social media, road shows, interviews, informal discussions? Read here why a good communication in projects is extremly important.

By Peter Roth, August 24, 2021

Questions over questions

If you want to understand for example…

  • What is the outcome of your project that really creates added value for the customer?
  • What do the people need to change in order to use your new solution effectively?
  • What are the skills, structures and the approach needed to develop your products?
  • How much time and budget do you need to define, produce, provide and support?
  • What do you have to adapt in the project because the world has changed in the meantime?
  • What is the progress, what are the priorities, issues, highlights, risks and chances while running the project?
  • Where do you need support from outside for the project?
  • etc.

...we have to talk and listen.

Das Projektteam

A project team is a social system embedded in other social systems (teams, organizations, companies) with which the project interacts.

A social system is a group of people who pursue a common goal in a self-determined manner. Each person contributes knowledge, experience, skills, talents, passion, creativity, professionalism and time. Conversely, each person also has their own needs, requirements and characteristics, which must be considered and supported.

The basis for a social system is functioning, ongoing communication within the project team and with other organizations involved and affected. Communication not only serves to coordinate tasks, but also to convey meaning, values and views and to motivate the people involved.


Communication in and about the project is crucial. It’s all about people, teams and organizations. And communication is the instrument, that allows them to work together and create something great.