In order to introduce such a powerful tool as PQFORCE into the organization effectively and efficiently, you need an experienced partner who not only knows the tool, but also accompanies you pragmatically and comprehensively and protects you from all the possible stumbling blocks so that you get the best out of the tool get out. We support you not only during but also after the introduction.

We do the implementation in three phases:

  • Preparation - We start with a kick-off and define the required scope and the appropriate procedure. We then set up the implementation team and create the pilot system with the first data.
  • Implementation - In several iterations (approx. 3-5, depending on the complexity), we define the required customer-specific adjustments in workshops and implement them immediately in the pilot system, where it can be extensively tested and optimized by the customer. These adjustments include
    • The additional configuration of the tool to adapt it to the structures and circumstances of the customer
    • The technical integration of the tool into the existing system landscape with the implementation of interfaces to third-party systems
    • The organizational integration of the tool into the existing organization in order to use it effectively and efficiently
    Usually one workshop per month is held so that the desired adjustments can then be implemented in the pilot system and tested extensively. However, this can also be shortened or lengthened.
  • Deployment - Finally, the future users are trained and the adjustments made in the pilot system are migrated to the productive system. This introduction can take place once (BigBang) or gradually, e.g. per function, department or region.

We accompany the implementation with an active change process, so that every interest group always knows what the goal is, what is being done, where we are, what will be changed and what the next steps are.

PQFORCE Training

As a basis for introducing a tool, it is important to get to know the structure, the functionalities and the possibilities in order to get an overall picture of the tool and the connections. The target group is primarily the project team that wants to introduce the tool in the organization.

For the implementation of PQFORCE we offer two training modules:

  • Half-day training: This training gives you an initial overview of the interface, the navigation and the functions in resource, project and portfolio management from the perspective of a user.
  • All-day training: This training gives you a deeper insight into the login, the interface, the navigation, and the objects and functions in resource, project and portfolio management from the perspective of a project manager, a portfolio manager and a member of the executive board.

PQFORCE Implementation Workshops

In workshops, OMEGA IT-Consulting guides the project team through the objects and functions of PQFORCE on a topic-related basis, and adjustments are verified step by step and specified if necessary. We differentiate between three types of workshops:

  • Configuration workshop: includes the customer-specific adjustments of the tool
  • Technical integration workshop: includes the specification of interfaces to third-party systems (eg. ERP system)
  • Organizational integration workshop: includes the definition of a powerful organization at the customer
The length and scope of the workshops are jointly determined in advance. Half-day or full-day workshops are common. After the workshop, the desired adjustments are implemented and tested by the manufacturer in the pilot system.


OMEGA IT-Consulting accompanies the customer project team from start to finish from a single source, within a predefined framework and in addition to the training modules and workshops mentioned above. We are the central contact for all questions about the tool and its introduction.


After the introduction, OMEGA IT-Consulting remains the primary contact for customers with questions and problems regarding PQFORCE.

  • Competent First Level Support for the tool is set up at the customer's site.
  • For Second Level Support, First Level Support contacts OMEGA IT-Consulting. As a consulting partner, we know the context, the implemented, customer-specific requirements and the team and can therefore provide the best possible support.
  • Third Level Support, especially in the case of technical problems, is guaranteed by the manufacturer, Intrasoft AG.

We are happy to support you in your projects. Describe us your needs in a first discussion without any obligations. We listen carefully and show you potential approaches or different scenarios and how we can support you. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

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